Common File Types for Appraisal Delivery

Due to changes in the industry and the shift toward data standardization, our customers require appraisals to be delivered in one of three files types:

  • AI-Ready ENV
Each customer is different and has different requirements, but you'll know which file type is needed by reading the entirety of the Letter of Engagement (LOE). The requirement is typically detailed at the top of the LOE beneath the state requirements section.

Submitting through

We created the Pre-Check tool to quickly identify potential quality issues before the report is delivered to the customer. When you submit a report for our review, our Pre-Check quickly reviews each component of the XML or ENV file for missing or incorrect components.

The most common errors are:

  1. Incorrect Lender Name or Address
  2. Misspelled Address or Borrower Name
  3. Submitting an Incorrect Form Type
  4. Missing Photos
Pre-Check is designed to help you complete and deliver reports more efficiently, saving you time and money in the process.

Delivery using Third-Party Appraisal Software

Although we recommend using Pre-Check and to submit your report, we still accept reports delivered using appraisal delivery software. To learn more, click this link for self-guided assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the AI-Ready format, and how do I get it?
    AI-Ready formatting is developed by the Appraisal Institute, and it allows our customers to open, read, and automatically review appraisals more efficiently than in the past.

    To submit a report to us in an AI-Ready format (ENV or XML), an appraisal software tool (a la mode, inc, ACI, etc.) is required. Click this link for a complete list of AI-Ready appraisal software companies.
  2. What is the ENV file type and formatting?
    ENV is a proprietary file type created by FNC, Inc. designed to standardize formatting for the efficient transmission of your reports to our customers. Because many of our customers use integrated platforms with FNC to manage appraisal orders and deliveries, the deliverable must be in the AI-Ready ENV format.
  3. What is MISMO XML?
    XML is an abbreviation for Extensible Markup Language, and it gives users the ability to easily transmit data across multiple platforms.

    Much like the Appraisal Institute's AI-Ready ENV, the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) is a nonprofit group committed to data standardization across the industry. Because MISMO XML is a widely-accepted format in the industry, it makes for an efficient way to deliver reports to our customers.